Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Craziness at FOXNews

I'm starting to develop an extremely unhealthy habit.

I've been reading comments at And the craziness and mind-numbing stupidity there is truly stupefying.

On the article discussing the threats on Democrats in the the wake of passing health care reform, you've got half of the commenters claiming that the threats are are a Democratic hoax:

"It wouldn't surprise me if the Democrats were making these calls themselves and the calls traced back to disposable cell phones in an effort to discredit the resistance movement to the Marxification of America." (Scott LaFrance)

"Strange thing about it: THEY ARE ALL IN ‘rahm emanuel’s HANDWRITING…" (wixxx)

"Democrat politicians have staged such incidents in the past and put the blame on Republicans. Pray tell why should I not be suspicious of these accusations now? They need to present proof." (hallwhite)


"I dont believe a word, just because people express their opinion its called threats. Do you know how many dead threats Bush received from the left??? News media never paid attention to that and now they're hyperventilating." (biancha)

"Gee...the Democrats wouldn't lie for political gain, would they?" (exerciserights)

"this stuff is all fake, the libtards are making it all up, so predictable and sad. (sbcfood)

At the very same time the other half of the commenters are making threats:
"Violence is the only answer. Do what ever it takes to remove these America hating terrorists from office...and yes that does include king Barry. I never understood why the Europeans beheaded their, i get it....lets give that a whirl shall we" (irocthisgt67)

"Just let John Hinckley out of prison and tell him that Obama is messing around with Jodie Foster, that should....Git-R-Done!" (guitarman1964)

"Don't get my hopes up! Think about how many innocent lives have been lost due to liberal policies. I'm sure there's a lot of people that would love to get near these people the same as every jew would love to have a shot at Hitler." (davido4)

"Really! What this nation was founded on was a principle that requires bloodshed when confronted with tyranny. The idea these libs have that we can just talk about it until we are blue in the face because they don't listen or care about any other point of view except their own is getting old." (peter1nco)

"Death to all traitors." (stop_th_commies)

"They refused to follow the wishes of the people, so what do they expect? Perhaps if a dozen or so of the threats were carried out their hearing may improve. Dust a dozen of them." (yellowduke)


"What did they expect? The People spoke and they did not listen..end of story. They should be scared. How long do politicans [sic] think the people are going to tolerate their continued self serving votes? This is only the beginning and no republican should think they are exempt either. Rise up People and save our country from these illiterate morons. I hope they cant sleep at night and die horrible deaths." (americanme2)

I really like that last one. FOXNews viewers are outraged that Obama and Pelosi are "illiterate morons." Heh! (At least s/he spelled that bit right.)

And can someone please explain to me what the tea-partiers think this means?
"I hear all these Demo's saying we can resolve our differences by talking. But when they just run over the Process and just do it their way. That is not the American way. And 2nd we live in a REPUBLIC not a democracy " (wsbanks)

I'd have thought that "republic" basically meant a constitutional representative democracy. Which means that laws pass when a majority of legislators (as opposed to a majority of citizens) approve of that law. But isn't this precisely what the tea-partiers are complaining about?

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