Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some Links

Just posting up some links:

First is a site devoted to the Expelled movie. You can find a growing list of resources at Expelled Exposed; they're working hard to correct all the lies in Expelled. (And a link for LuboŇ° Motl, just because he deserves it.)

A beautiful, concise knock-down argument explaining that Stein et al. were expelled for plagiarism. (Background info at, e.g., Erv's blog, and at Pharyngula.)

Next link is to Cuttlefish the talented mollusk with a taste for poetry -- his blog is Digital Cuttlefish.

Oh, and Raven has a very useful list to compare with the Expelled claim. If you're curious about the central message of the movie, the following pretty much says all you need to know (source).

And this definitely deserves a link: David Marjanovic's glorious smackdown of a creationist's nonsense. And Deacon Duncan discovers the root of all evil (it ain't what you thought).

And a link to the Great Inversion (as well as dino feathers).